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Check out these answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How does my house place an order?

Houses can send in designs, or create them using our apparel designer. Once you make contact we'll assign you one of our awesome project managers who will be able to walk you through the order process and answer any apparel or promotional product questions you may have.

Does each member order individually or as a group?

We can provide both options.Individual orders are great for events where you don't want to manage sizes, individual payments, and who ordered what. Group orders are the quickest, and can be scheduled for printing within 1 day of contacting us.

How do individual orders work?

Individual orders are great for large events, or philanthropies where there is a single design and you want Greek Printing to handle the logistics of who ordered what. Here's how it works:

1) The event organizer creates or submit a design and choose apparel items being printed.

2) Their assigned PM creates mock-ups and sets up products under their house page on GreekPrinting.com and sets a due date for orders to be submitted

3) The event organizer shares the items with those they want to order, and assures everyone orders by the due date

4) After the due date, the Greek Printing PM compiles all the orders and sends the items into production

5) All items are produced within 7 days, individually packaged and shipped out to those who ordered them.

How do group orders work?

Group orders are the typical apparel orders, the event organizer submits all the styles and sizes and Greek Printing produces and ships all the apparel to the event organizer. Here's how it works:

1) The event organizer creates or submits a design and chooses apparel items being printed.

2) The event organizer submits all the apparel sizes and quantities.

3) The Greek Printing PM double checks everything and submits the full order to our production team.

4) All items are produced within 7 days, packaged by size and shipped out to the event organizer.

I have a design that we created, can we use that?

Yes! give us a call and one of our PM's will send you an upload link for you to send us the design file. We'll create a mockup and quote, and send you both for approval.

How does pricing work?

There's a lot that contributes to the price of items. Here's a quick breakdown:

1) The base item chosen (tee shits, hoodies, polos, water bottles, ect...) the base prices are all provided at our Wholesale cost.

2) How many colors your design has. Each color is printed independently, so the more colors the more the price is affected.

3) The number of print locations. Each location is printed separately, so the more locations the more the price is affected.

4) The quantity of items being produced. We get discounts from our manufacturers by ordering in bulk, and we pass those discounts to you. More items lower price.

5) Turnaround time. Our standard turnaround is 10-14 business days, but we can sometimes produce items in as little as 3. Quicker turnarounds mean we need to rush ship items, and pay overtime. We're happy to do so if it means your event is successful, but there will be aditional rush charges to cover our costs.

What is the typical turnaround time?

All time frames start once the order is approved. Meaning the design has been finalized, apparel has been chosen, and GP is ready to produce the order, We also need sizes and quantities before the time frame starts:

For Individual orders) For individual orders, sizes and quantities will be collected during the ordering time period (when your items are live and your members can order them online).
For Group orders) For group orders the sizes and quantities must be submitted by the event organizer.

Once we have the above (design, items, styles, sizes, quantity, and due date) we can start production.

STANDARD Turnaround: 10-14 Business days for production + Shipping time

QUICK Turnaround: 7-10 Business days for production + Shipping time

RUSH Turnaround: 5-7 Business days for production + Shipping time

SUPER RUSH Turnaround: 3-5 Business days for production + Shipping time

*Note: It's incredibly important that you communicate your in-hands date to your project manager as early as possible. This allows us time to assure prompt delivery without inuring rush fee's.

What is eco printing?

Traditionally printing has been a pretty dirty industry. From the amount of power consumed to run machinery, to the gallons of water used to produce each print, and even to the cleaning chemicals used to re-claim screens

At Greek Printing we believe that quality products can be produced in an environmentally friendly way. We believe in minimizing the impact on the power grid. And we believe in water reuse. To prove this we've invested heavily in solar, which as the ultimate renewable source decreases the power we pull from the grid. Our water is reclaimed and filtered assuring we can use the same gallon again and again. For chemicals, we use eco-solvents which are derived from citrus fruits, and are 100% biodegradable and many are entirely organic.

How does the qualtiy of your printing stand up?

When it comes to quality printing there are several factors that assure a quality print.

We use Union Inks. Union has been producing inks since 1931, and their over 80 years of ink manufacturing experience has allowed them to perfect the longevity and vibrance across thier textile lines.

We use both manual and automatic presses. Manual presses allow our screen printing staff to inspect every shirt assuring that there are no print defects. Automatic presses are built for speed, so simpler designs can be produced in a uniform and consistant way.

Quality Testing. We preform no less than 3 quality checks (sometimes as many as 5), Your apparel is inspected when it arrives blank from the manufacture. It's checked again on press to assure everythings correct, and it's checked again as it's being boxed up. These 3 QC checks help us to ensure your order is perfect.

Quality Blanks. We've partnered with over 60 brands and 2 of the largest distributors in the nation to assure that not only the most popular, but the best brands are offered at Greek Printing. Each item style is tested by our staff before we offer it to our customers.

What is your product guarantee?

We guarantee that your items will be free from manufacture and print defects, or we'll replace it or refund it.

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