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Welcome to Greek Printing

Here at Greek Printing we don’t just create cool chapter apparel we create relationships. Our team has been a part of the Greek community since 2009 and has grown from Fraternity and Sorority members to print professionals with a passion to provide apparel that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

More than just great apparel, planning an event doesn’t have to be stressful, and our team has a decade’s worth of experience to make sure that your designs, apparel styles, quantities, and schedules are meet.

We strive to provide THE BEST; our fashionistas choose the best apparel styles. Our printing team provides the best quality inks, and prints. Our project managers provide the best customer service, and the best project management.

Our goal is to create loyal customers by exceeding their expectations; when your event is a success and all your chapter members are thrilled with your apparel it’s a win for us both. Greek Printing is the partner you can count on and our staff is standing by to help you plan and maximize your experience with us.

Our specialization

House Letters
Big Little Apparel
Philanthropy Printing

What others say about us

I’ve had lots of people approach me about undercutting price over the years. Mainly fresh students who have no idea what they’re doing because for some reason everybody thinks they can make a custom T-shirt company. I stumbled upon Greek Printing because of a horrible experience with University Tees which strives to saturate the Greek house market… so buyer beware if your organization uses them. They strait up ignored our account because I guess we weren’t profitable for them. Thing is, most of these companies will try to win you over with one really low quote, but when push comes to shove and you’re about to put an order in, the price gets “adjusted” When people do that to me, I don’t even bother responding. I’ve been played like that a couple times and I’m not playing that game. We just put in yet another order in with Greek Printing and the quote was returned within hours of me emailing them. It helps I know what they’re looking for and what variables adjust the price, but they’re seriously the best choice if you go with anybody else, you’re just fooling yourself. As I phase out of Antioch if I find out they’re buying through some other company I’m gonna freak. Save everybody’s hard-earned cash and support a company that’s honest about prices, offers amazing customers service and makes the experience fun. My favorite part of doing orders aren’t creating a design or passing out the shirts, it’s ordering and picking them up. That’s how you know a company is worth your business.

Brandon P.

Antioch - Oregon State

We’ve used Greek Printing for the past 6 years for our yearly philanthropy event Mock Rock at Oregon State. The relationship enables us to maximize our donation and the apparel they create has been a hit every year.“

Martha M.

Kappa Delta - Oregon State

Greek Printing is our go to printer for everything from our apparel, to house letters, to stickers and decals. They do a great job with our recruitment gear each year, and create our Sapphire Ball apparel each year.

Anna V.

Kappa Kappa Gamma - Oregon State

We love working with Greek Printing. Last year they did an amazing job on our recruitment apparel. Our house loved them and we’ll definitely be using Greek Printing next year

Maxi M.

Sigma Alpha - Oregon State

Our spring recruitment was a huge success and working with Greek Printing was incredibly easy. The apparel was loved by everyone

Luke F.

Chi Theta Phi - Oregon State

Our house decided to do a Big Little group order with Greek Printing and it turned out great.

Luke F.

Chi Theta Phi - Oregon State

Greek Printing created apparel for our Dad’s and Family weekend. The t-shirts turned out great and even the dad’s liked them

Tyler J.

Sigma Chi - Oregon State

Our mom’s weekend apparel turned out better than it has in years and Greek Printing really came through in a rush. The quality was great, and everyone loved the tee’s

House of Charis - Oregon State

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